High School Students Visit Generation Stoneworks

Mr. Tomkowitz of McKeesport High School made a visit to the Generation Stoneworks facility on Friday, April 12 with the students of his engineering technology class. The three hour field trip consisted of three separate parts. Generation Stoneworks’ goal was to work alongside Mr. Tomkowitz’s curriculum, helping students learn and see what they have learned applied in an actual work setting.

The morning began with a PowerPoint overview of Generation Stoneworks and Indiana Limestone presented by company president Joey Costagnola. The presentation was accompanied by complimentary donuts and juice supplied by the company. The presentation detailed the history of Indiana Limestone, Generation Stonework’s process, and the final products that can be created. Following the presentation, students were split into two groups. Half of the students remained seated in the room of the presentation to experience a drafting walk through from Generation Stonework’s professional drafters. The remainder of the class was led outside the office building by Castagnola to view the fabrication process in action.

Generation Stoneworks drafters Brian Planavsky and Chris Carlson cooperatively hosted the drafting presentation. They used an early draft of windows for Kennywood’s Thomas Town for the demonstration. This showed actual implementation of AutoCAD drafting, used to make the window surrounds that can be seen implemented at Kennywood. The students demonstrated the drafting would then rotate positions with the other half of their class to receive the fabrication process tour, and vice versa. Students taking the tour were guided through each location of the fabrication facility. The students were also demonstrated hand cutting up close while in the facility.

The overall experience touched bases with multiple parts of Mr. Tomkowitz’s curriculum. This includes subjects such as modeling, knowledge of manufacturing and industrial systems, and manufacturing processes. In addition, it showcased everything Generation Stoneworks does and stands for. After both groups experienced the drafting example and fabrication process tour, the class took a photo together along with Joey, Brian and Chris before heading onto the bus heading back to their school. Both the students and company appeared to enjoy the experience, signaling the field trip as a success.


2011 Architectural Excellence Award Winners

Generation Stoneworks Supplied the Stone Materials

This building was part of the 2011 Architectural Excellence Award Winners. Generation Stoneworks supplied the Indiana Limestone balustrade, stairs and trim for this winning project. These projects are not only national, but international – the Apple Store is located in London. The common theme is that they were designed by Pennsylvania Architects.

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Chatham Mellon Board Room

Generation Stoneworks Makes a Significant Contribution

Read the detailed story about the history and retrofit of a Chatham Mellon Board Room that might have been abandoned. When Generation Stoneworks first stepped on the site, we could never have imagined the recovery of this building in its present condition. Once the project started to take shape though, Generation Stoneworks predicted that it would win an AIA Award. It had become that special; especially, to Prada and everyone at our shop!

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