Coping and Caps

Indiana Limestone can be used to cap walls and piers.  The Indiana Limestone adds beauty to the wall while adding important protection to the wall cavity.  Pieces are custom cut in long lengths to minimize joints which reduces opportunity for joint failure.

Coping and caps are provided for straight and radial walls. Shop drawings are utilized to layout walls and cut pieces to fit. Setting drawings are provided to assist the mason in installation.

Coping Finish Side Options:

Flat:  Honed flat and consistent thickness

Bullnose:  Rounded edge that can be machined full or half bullnose to eliminate sharpness

Rockface:  Edge is pitched to imitate a bare surface of natural stone


Coping Finish Top Options:

Flat: Honed flat and consistent thickness

Double Wash(Saddleback):  Peaked in the middle and sloped to both sides to allow water to wash off

Single Wash:  Indiana Limestone peaked on 1 edge and sloped across bed to allow water to wash off

Profile:  Custom mold to fit the thickness of the coping or cap

Drip: Continuous kerf along the bottom perimeter of the stone to break the flow of water along the underside of the stone.  Typical caps and coping have a 1” overhang which allows the water to drip down instead of running down the face of the wall