The Prada Company now known as Generation Stoneworks

My father has been in the natural stone fabrication business for over 40 years and built this company through hard work, skill, and integrity. He is my greatest mentor and I am grateful to have the privilege of continually learning from his experience and expertise.

My vision is to carry my father’s legacy into expanded markets and an era of information technology.  As such, I am proud to announce that moving forward The Prada Company will now be known as Generation Stoneworks.

This name has profound meaning as it represents the mission and goals of our company.  It reflects our passion for generating works of natural stone that enhance architectural character; our commitment to the quality of our work that will outstand decades while adding measurable value; and last but not least, it reflects a foundation based on family values that are carrying the company into its second generation of leadership and craftsmen.

Thank you in advance for accompanying us into the next generation of quality cut stone fabrication.


Joseph C. Castagnola

“Each job is as important to our staff as it is to you and your client”

Architect and Builder Stone Solutions Since 1988

Discover why so many architects, builders, and masonry contractors have chosen Generation Stoneworks, located in Elizabeth Township, PA, to assist in designing and fabricating their custom Indiana limestone projects for more than 25 years. These experienced architects, leading builders, and masonry contractors know that Generation Stoneworks will act as their partners in successfully fabricating unique Indiana limestone and other stone materials for their demanding projects.Generation Stoneworks prides itself on creating custom works of natural stone that enhances architectural character.  Generation Stoneworks is committed to quality, ensuring the stone will outstand decades while adding measurable value.  Generation Stoneworks is built on a foundation based on family values that have helped the company thrive for over 25 years.

Our professional and friendly staff is waiting to assist with that special project from the beginning to its completion. We want architects to take a walking tour of the stone plant from start to finish. Once raw materials enter the shop, they are cut to a rough size by the rip saw operator then moved forward to the finishing processes. The planer operator finishes the surfaces of the stones to their specified finish by repeatedly planning and inspecting them.

Special beveled edges are shaped by the planer tool and shaved to the specified drawing designs. Upon completing the surface finish, the material is cut to an exact size by the joint saw operator. It is then sent to the operator at the opposite side of the shop for hand finishing details. Experienced craftsmen carefully shape the stone to the customer’s specifications.